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Trendmelo's Affiliate Marketing Program

Trendmelo Affiliate Program

Join the Trendmelo Brand Associates Community! Become an Affiliate. Collaborate, Earn, and Influence in Style.

Welcome to Trendmelo, where sophistication meets style. Our affiliate program offers exclusive discounts, personalized codes, and exciting campaigns. Collaborate with us and shine in the fashion world! At Trendmelo, our fashion clothing transcends beyond borders; it reflects our core values, making each piece more than just clothing worn.

  • Woman-Owned: Embrace empowerment and support female entrepreneurship with every purchase.
  • Socially Conscious: We prioritize ethical practices and social responsibility in every aspect of our creation process.
  • Cruelty-Free: Our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures no harm to animals in crafting our jewelry.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sustainability is at our heart, reflected in our eco-conscious production and packaging.
  • Sustainable: We strive for timeless designs that stand the test of time, promoting sustainable fashion.

                Unlock Partnership Opportunities

                • Affiliate Marketing: Recommend Trendmelo products to your audience.
                • Customized linking tools for various platforms.
                • Personalized Discount Codes: Engage your community with unique offers.
                • Elevate your influence with exclusive discounts.
                • Additional Opportunities: Dive into exciting campaigns. Discover new ways to shine in fashion and lifestyle.

                  Benefits for Collaborators

                  • You earn a 10% commission on any product
                  • Your audience gets 10% off the entire order
                  • Excluding sale items or festive offers
                  • Earn with every sale through your personalized link

                    Follow These Steps to Join

                    Step-1: Sign Up
                    Join thousands of creators, bloggers, and publishers in our affiliate program. Sign Up Now

                    Step-2: Recommend
                    Share thousands of Trendmelo products with your audience using our custom linking tools.

                    Step-3: Earn
                    Earn up to 10% in affiliate fees on qualifying purchases. Maximize earnings with our competitive conversion rates.

                    Step-4: Application Review

                    Once applied, we'll review your application against our criteria and revert within 2 days if you meet our evaluation criteria.

                    Need Assistance?

                    Contact our dedicated team using the Contact Us form for any queries or assistance. We value your feedback and are committed to providing the best service.


                    How does the Associates Program work?
                    Share products using customized links and earn on qualifying purchases.

                    Who qualifies for this program?
                    Bloggers, publishers, and content creators with qualifying platforms.

                    How do I sign up?
                    Apply through our link. We review and approve qualifying applications. Sign Up Here

                    Will I get a personalized affiliate link?
                    Yes, each link is personalized with your code.

                    How long are conversions valid?
                    30-day tracking period for orders from your affiliate link.

                    Is there a minimum order value for discounts?
                    Orders above $19 qualify for discounts.

                    Who is eligible for discounts and offers?
                    Applicable to new customers at Trendmelo.